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P8B4 Panther 800 Series Hot Cupboard Bain Marie Top

Panther, Lincat hot cupboards are available in various lengths, either as plain top or bain marie top, which can hold up to six standard 1/1 GN containers. Features include digital temperature display and control, fan assisted heating and 1/1 GN compatible mirror stainless steel interiors.

There is also a Light Duty series ideal for holding food and warming plates.

  • Available as static or mobile versions at no additional cost
  • Units available to take 3 x 1/1 GN containers up to 150mm deep
  • Fully 1/1 GN compatible hot cupboard for operational efficiency
  • Fan assisted hot cupboard provides even heat distribution, fast heat up and recovery times, and lower energy usage
  • Supplied with two heavy duty multi-section chrome plated rod shelves capable of taking the heaviest loads
  • Four shelf positions allow adjustment to meet individual needs
  • Accurate digital electronic control of the hot cupboard temperature, adjustable between 20 and 99 degrees C, ensures compliance with food hygiene regulations
  • Thermostatically controlled bain marie top can be operated with wet or dry heat
  • Drain tap located inside the hot cupboard allows fast and easy draining

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