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C1035-WS Pass Through Hospital Dishwasher

Maidaid hospital dishwasher

Still offers the same great simplicity, value for money and exceptional reliability as before, but all models are now fully automatic with soft touch controls and bright LED displays – these features not only improve the aesthetics, but have allowed the develop still offers the same great simplicity, value for money and exceptional reliability.

The C range now has three standard wash cycles, plus optional cycles for specialised applications to ensure the best results for each wash. Both models are fitted with a WRAS approved break tank and a double flow wash pump for improved wash performance and power efficiency.

C Range pass through dishwasher are used in most professional kitchens. 

'How To Service A Pass Through Dishwasher'

    • 2 year warranty
    • Type AA breaktank
    • Internal automatic water softener
    • Bright LED display with soft touch controls
    • Accurate detergent and rinse aid peristaltic dosing as standard
    • Drain pump fitted as standard
    • Patented DUAL flow wash pump, reduced power while retaining wash efficiency
    • Three selectable cycle options plus special application cycles options
    • Cycle times between 70 & 240 secs, including special cycles
    • Cycle times can be tailored to site requirements
    • Selectable energy saving mode
    • Selectable thermostop ensures optimum rinse temperatures
    • Automatic self-cleaning cycle at end of service
    • Surface scrap tray filters
    • Operational self-diagnostics
    • Twin traffic light display indicate machine status
    • Supplied with one pegged plate, one open rack and cutlery basket
    • Suitable for hot (max 50°C) or cold water supply at 2 to 4 bar dynamic supply pressure
    • Machines fitted to cold water supplies will not be capable of running repeated short cycles.
    • The cycle time will automatically be extended to allow recovery of correct operating temperatures
    • Wash temperature 60°C (adjustable)
    • Rinse temperature 78°C (adjustable)
    • Can be supplied 3 phase

    C1035-WS Dishwasher Technical Spec Sheet

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