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It can be frustrating for caterers when a piece of equipment fails which is frequently used throughout the day, and this may cause a huge disruption in your professional kitchen. To help you get your equipment back up and running in no time, Sylvester Keal offer a range of service contracts so that you can secure a Planned Preventative Maintenance plan with us.

Having a PPM plan in place means that your equipment will receive a regular service from our engineers, which is mandatory for all gas appliances. It is a smart way for caterers to spend their money and also save it, and is highly recommended to all catering establishments.

Your PPM plan will be tailored to you and your operation whilst considering how often your equipment is used. If you operate within a busy environment and your equipment receives frequent use, you may want to consider a quarterly visit from our engineers to ensure that all equipment is safe and performing at its best. However, if you operate within a kitchen which may not get overly busy, a six month visit from our engineers might be more suitable.

Booking a service contract with Sylvester Keal means that for an extremely reasonable price, you will receive a periodic inspection which can be planned around and ahead of busy periods to help prevent future breakdowns which may be costly.

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