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Sanitiser and Tannin Remover (2x5Ltrs)

Designed for use in commercial dishwashers and catering cleaning, our Sanitiser and Tannin Remover is an ideal product to have in your cleaning supplies range for use in dishwashing machines to overcome the problems of tea and coffee stains.

This professional machine de-stainer contains a sanitiser for commercial dishwashing machines which are normally operated at high temperatures in hospitals, care homes, schools and more.

The use of our Sanitiser and Tannin Remover means that sanitising can be run at a much lower operating temperature, resulting in considerable energy saving costs.

This fantastic product is best used alongside the Dishwasher Detergent and Rinse Aid by SK (links) which have both been created for commercial dishwashers as part our range of commercial dishwashing supplies.

The Sanitiser and Tannin Remover is available in a two pack of 5ltr bottles.

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