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Ridgeway School

The Sylvester Keal projects team have recently completed an Australian-style dinner service which will cater to the needs of the students at Ridgeway School.

The school’s design team had no prior knowledge of commercial equipment supply and so required expertise and guidance to manage this project. The kitchen, which is ran by untrained volunteers, has a strict menu for its students with over 200 individual, personal menu choices which are available.

The £35,000 project required full design and installation, including management of all of the previous refrigeration equipment which was to be utilised within the new design. This required the SK team to work in collaboration with sub-contractors for electrical and plumbing, planning the implementation as efficiently as possible. 

Allowing the SK team to get creative, the project gave opportunities to introduce the client to new ideas due to their lack of expertise in the area, this enabled the project team to provide the right services and provisions despite the client being unsure of what they wanted.

Due to the Australian-style menu, the kitchen layout and workflow had to operate within a small area at the same times as various prepping areas - although not a conventional kitchen layout, SK were able to make it work for the client.

During the project, SK encountered some last minute changes to the kitchen layout due to a decision regarding the installation of a mezzanine floor. Four supporting pillars required fabrication and installation, meaning the projects team needed to work twice as hard to stick to the tight deadline.

SK worked alongside Victor Manufacturing who provide counter solutions for project through consultation and design. As specialists in this area Victor Manufacturing were able to cope with the last minute changes perfectly.

To tie up the project, we worked with key manufacturers to deliver on-site training following the installation of the equipment, allowing the staff to be fully-trained in their new kitchen.

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