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Rational SCC WE 101 Electric Combi Oven

Rational Whitefficiency Combi Ovens designed and made by one of the leading catering equipment manufacturers in the UK.
With more than 30 years of experience, Rational are the world’s leading manufacturer of combination ovens and food service equipment.The perfect steamed cooking environment along with programmable functionality combines to cook perfectly tender chicken.

CareControl Self Cleaning System

The intelligent cleaning and care system automatically ensures hygienic cleanliness. It uses only the amount of energy, water and chemicals that are actually needed for the level of soiling. There is no need for descaling at all. Buy care control tablets here

Fully Programmable

The intelligent SelfCooking System can be preprogramed with specially designed cook cycles, which can be stored in the ovens memory and recalled easily.
Probe Cooking

Probe cooking option provides a guaranteed core temperature every cook, removing the possibility of under-cooking food as a result of staff mistakes or variations in product weight.

Using sensors to detect the size of the food and the load size. The cooking process is constantly monitored and automatically and sensitively adjusted to suit the food being cooked. There are no more routine tasks such as turning or adjusting.
Fat Separation System

Innovative fat separations system, allows chicken fat and grease to filter into a removable container, preventing clogging of drains and allowing for easy grease disposal.
2 year on-site parts and labour warranty

To help ensure outstanding lifetime performance and validity of the 2 year warranty for your new rational, we recommend a site survey and consultation prior to accepting an order. Please call 01472 352033 for further details. 

Come along to one of our live demo show cooking events in your area, contact us for further details and for a quotation.

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