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Running a commercial kitchen can be hectic and one of the most recent operations we worked on required a kitchen which would serve up to 200 people per day.

Following a strict tendering procedure, our experience and dedicated team assisted with each step of planning and fitting stages for this project which required a kitchen which could cope with the demand of serving breakfast, lunch and tea to their trainees.

The SK projects staff were tasked with specifying, designing and installing a new, fully-refurbished commercial kitchen.

We enjoyed working on every aspect of this project, and we particularly enjoyed working with the principal contractor.

The team were faced with minor challenges, however, we did find that while we were carrying out the work on this kitchen, we had to hold the stock of equipment due to unforeseen delays.

Our deadline was then reduced, and we had to activate our contingency plan in order to complete the project on time.

The client was extremely satisfied with the overall final project, which was a total cost of £36,000, and the principle contractor commented: “We loved the professionalism of all the team at Sylvester Keal, and the handover on deadline day was particularly good.”

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