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Dishwashing Rinse Aid (2x5Ltrs)

Delivering fantastic and consistent cleaning results, our Dishwashing Rinse Aid ensures that every wash cycle is as hygienic as possible.

Designed specially for the use in professional kitchens, alongside our 1A Premium Dishwashing Detergent, this quality rinse has been specially formulated to use in a wide range of leading commercial dishwasher brands.

The Dishwashing Rinse Aid contains a quality blend of non-ionic surfactants for rapid spot and streak free drying in both soft and hard water conditions.

When injected into your dishwasher’s final rinse cycle, the Dishwashing Rinse Aid will accelerate the drying of your load and eliminate any chance of water spotting in order to give you a spotless, high gloss shine every time.

This product is suitable for use in our best commercial dishwasher and is part of our commercial dishwasher supplies range, including 1A Premium Dishwashing Detergent.

The Dishwashing Rinse Aid is available in a two pack of 5ltrs bottles.

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