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Cabinet Glasswashing Detergent (2x5Ltrs)

The Cabinet Glasswashing Detergent has been specially fromulated to produce sparkling glassware for pubs, bars and restaurants.

The premium detergent is a non-caustic formula that prevents glass corrosion and is effective against all soils, including, making it a hard-working detergent when being used in commercial glasswashers.

This quality detergent ensuring optimum cleanliness and crystal clear glasses every time, making it ideal for fast-pace bar and pub operations. The Cabinet Glasswashing Detergent also does not have an effect on your beer head retention.

If you want even better results from commercial glasswashing machines, then use our 1N Glasswashing Detergent in conjunction with our 2P Glasswasher Rinse Aid.

The Cabinet Glasswashing Detergent is available in a two pack of 5ltr bottles.

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