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Back to school: are your classroom and canteen ready?

It was announced at the start of June that schools were starting to reopen, with social distancing measures in place. Over the next few months, schools have a number of checks they need to carry out before children are released back into the school environment.

It’s important for Sylvester Keal that schools feel prepared to reopen and we are here to help in any way we can. That is why we have listed the three most important checks school should make before their return. 

Are social distancing measures in place? 

The recent epidemic has caused a great deal of change in how businesses and the public sector operate. Social distancing guidelines have been enforced to limit the spread of the virus, which means the usual school experience will have to be altered - especially in the dining area - which sees the biggest congregation of pupils at one given time. 

School caterers will need to ensure that children are kept in the same small groups at all times. They will also need to make sure surfaces that the pupils are in contact with are cleaned more frequently than usual and that high-quality disinfectant is utilised on surfaces. Sanitiser and hand cleaning stations should also be dotted around a school so children have easy access to handwashing facilities. 

What catering equipment is needed?

Appropriate catering equipment is needed to assist with the bulk cooking schools require. In particular, new technology may support staff in producing high-quantity, high-quality meals. 

Sylvester Keal offers a multitude of multi-functional equipment that help kitchens’ function and support smaller footprints, larger volumes and lower operating costs.  

School caterers, like most, are having to fulfil more diverse menus, while still utilising the same equipment and space. Multi-functional equipment, like combination ovens, offer small footprint equipment that can fulfil three of four appliances workloads, giving one machine that can be used for several cooking styles. 


Has your kitchen been serviced?


There’s nothing worse than equipment failure, especially when it’s needed the most; therefore maintaining your equipment and making sure it is in perfect working order is essential. Servicing will help to prolong the lifetime of the equipment.

Sylvester Keal offers annual Planned Preventative Maintenance contracts which help to keep your foodservice equipment working to reduce breakdowns. Click here to find out more.

Get in touch today on 01472 352033 to see how we can help you get back to school with ease. 

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