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World Hand Hygiene Day

On May 5th, the World Health Organization reminds us of the life-saving power of clean hands with World Hand Hygiene Day. And this year, the date has never been more prevalent, amid the COVID-19 epidemic. 

This year’s theme for the day is hand hygiene best practices, and the central role played by nurses and midwives in achieving this.

Merging with the ‘Year of the Nurse and the Midwife’ the WHO will be promoting a message of togetherness and recognising the importance of hand hygiene, across the globe and particularly within the medical sector. 

At Sylvester Keal, we are here to help any way we can, which is why all of our handwash, sanitising and cleaning products are readily available for those businesses in need, and especially for our frontline workers. 

For the best hand hygiene practices, we have in store our 8A Bacti Hand Soap, the biocidal hand soap has been formulated for use in all sectors, including hospitals and care homes.

The odourless, vicious and translucent natural soap gel incorporates a safe antiseptic to be used on the hands only, allowing cleanliness to be boosted by nurses and care workers in the medical sector.

In times of urgency, sanitiser may be a quicker and more useful in achieving the on-the-move, hand hygiene and cleanliness, that is why we also stock the 8C Alcohol Hand Sanitiser

Sanitiser is extremely effective at preventing the spread of infections and bacteria. Having hand sanitiser around a medical facility is one way of protecting nurses from infection. 

It is an alcohol-based terminal hand disinfectant for use within all sectors and is highly effective against resident and transient skin microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and viruses. After application, the sanitiser evaporates leaving the skin dry and feeling soft. 

Each hand hygiene action contributes spreading infections in the healthcare industry, and World Hand Hygiene Day provides an important reminder to us all – whether working in the medical sector or working from home during lockdown – it’s vital we are all washing our hands regularly.

To make a purchase, visit SK’s online store or to find out more about any of these products, get in touch by emailing or call 01472 352033.

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