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Unox Combi Ovens for Hotels & Restaurants

At Sylvester Keal, we stock a range of commercial kitchen equipment from some of the most well-known brands and manufacturers in the foodservice industry.

From bar equipment, commercial fridges and beverage machines, we can supply commercial kitchens with equipment for every purpose.

One particular item we have is the Unox ChefTop Mind Maps combi oven, in which we stock various models by the manufacturer.

The Unox ChefTop range of combi ovens are ideal for any hotel or restaurant catering for a large quantity of customers on a regular basis.

This particular range of combi ovens was designed for professional chefs with various needs in modern restaurants of today.

Providing versatility and precision for hotels and restaurants, the ChefTop Mind Maps range combine this along with functionality and the UNOX technology to provide chefs with complete control of the whole cooking process.

Founded in 1990, Unox are specialists in commercial ovens and follow their vision of ‘contributing to the quality, efficiency and simplification of customers’ cooking processes.’

Sylvester Keal currently stock six Unox ChefTop Mind Maps combi ovens, which consist of models from the Plus range and the One range.

Introduced to the market to allow for exceptional cooking uniformity and guarantee maximum satisfaction to users, Unox combi ovens allow restaurant and hotel chefs to carry out several different cooking methods using the same appliance, such as steaming, roasting, slow cooking and even baking.

Changing the way that chefs work on a daily basis, the Unox range of ChefTop Mind Maps can save the user huge amounts within various areas.

Due to the ChefTop’s impressive features, the user can save time due to the automatic functions and saving of cooking programs, as well as saving on space due to the possibility of stacking the ovens.

On average, Unox ovens consume up to 30% less energy compared to traditional ovens, saving on energy even when it is not needed due to the controlled cooking process.

ChefTop models also allow for the transmission of data and statistics of use via mobile phones so that the user can easily find out how much energy the oven has used.

No matter what type of restaurant or hotel kitchen you work in, Sylvester Keal can provide you with a Unox combi oven that will suit your needs and requirements.

Take a look at Sylvester Keal’s range of Unox ChefTop Mind Maps combi ovens on our online store here or visit the official Unox website to find out more

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