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The Benefits of Bulk Purchasing

At Sylvester Keal, we understand business owners are constantly looking at ways to reduce their overheads. One option for your catering establishment could be bulk purchasing your supplies.

Sylvester Keal stock a huge range of products, including catering supplies, janitorial supplies and laundry supplies, all of which can be purchased in large sizes or in bulk and these supplies can be found easily on our online store. Whether it’s products, chemicals or disposable cutlery you’re looking for, you’ll find it here and you can stock up to save time, money and help the environment.

Save on time and money

One of the more obvious advantages of buying your supplies in bulk is the cost saving benefits. It’s no secret that purchasing larger packs of supplies saves costs on the price-per-unit. If you are saving on the cost-per-unit, this cost ultimately adds to the entire savings over time. Purchasing supplies in a huge number may seem like a costly affair but actually, as a business owner, you can save money in the long run.

Not only that, but purchasing everything you need in larger quantities may mean you save time because you don’t have to shop as frequently.

What you need is on standby

It can be hard to measure what supplies are needed per given period, as supply usage varies on a day to day basis. Having a backup of supplies ensures your business does not run out of essentials in-between shipments. Not to mention that having supplies in bulk can prove useful if there is ever a cleaning emergency. There’s never any harm in being prepared.

In addition, at Sylvester Keal all of our catering, janitorial and laundry supplies have a long lasting use-by date, so users don’t need to worry about the supplies becoming unusable after a short period of time.

Environmentally friendly

Unsurprisingly, buying higher quantities of larger supplies is one of the most economical solutions today. Buying larger quantities of supplies shrinks the carbon and the energy used in product packaging. Buying smaller quantities more frequently results in lots of packaging materials being used and wasted.

Also helpful for the environment are the number of transport miles saved. The transportation of bulk supplies is more effective because they can be packed more densely on a delivery truck in boxes as opposed to individually packaged items.

So, not only does it save money and time but also your surrounding environment.

Our online catalogue is continually updated with new products and bulk items, all stored in our warehouse. Get in touch and we can order the equipment for your requirements or speak with one of our friendly sales staff, we’ll be more than happy to help, telephone 01472 352033

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