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Sylvester Keal are Supporting Gas Safety Week

With Gas Safety Week approaching (September 16th - 22nd 2019), Sylvester Keal are prouder than ever to offer catering equipment service and maintenance to our customers, with a dedicated service team on hand to assist with your every kitchen need and requirements.

Having your gas appliances installed and maintained by a qualified business is key for both efficiency and health and safety within the kitchen. 

There are numerous benefits for keeping your catering equipment regularly serviced and maintained, most importantly it will prevent fire and explosion, the production of dangerous carbon monoxide and will ensure that your staff have a risk-free, functioning environment.

We have provided a guide so you can maintain a gas safety routine: 

  1. Gas Safety starts with a proper installation: your gas appliances should always be set up by a certified gas engineer.

  1. Likewise, when gas appliances need assessing, or repairing, you must utilise a qualified engineer or business, like Sylvester Keal. 

  1. Catering staff must make sure the appliance/manufacturer’s instructions are adhered to. 

  1. Not only that, but kitchen staff need to be properly trained on how to use the equipment safely.

  1. Gas appliances should be inspected annually, at least, by a certified engineer.

  1. Once the appliances have been regulated, the record kept must be left in a safe place as this will need to be checked by kitchen regulators. 

For more information about how to maintain a Gas Safe kitchen get in touch and we can discuss your requirements, we’ll be more than happy to help, telephone 01472 352033. 

To read more about Gas Safety Week and what it entails, please visit 

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