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Having a good quality dishwasher within a commercial kitchen is vital, and ensuring all crockery and cutlery is cleaned to the best possible standard.

There are several different types of commercial dishwashers available for professional kitchens, however one particular dishwasher we offer here at Sylvester Keal is the Maidaid-Halcyon Undercounter Dishwasher C511D.

This dishwasher is suitable for use in all professional kitchens from restaurants and hotels, and includes a range of features and functions allowing for optimum efficiency and high standards of cleanliness.

Supplied with one pegged and one open basket, there are three selectable cycle options plus special application cycle options. The cycle times are between 70 and 240 seconds, and can also be tailored to the user’s preferences.

Providing an energy efficient piece of equipment, the dishwasher has a selectable energy saving mode and a thermostat ensuring the highest rinse temperatures. As well as this, there is also an automatic self-cleaning system which takes place at the end of the service, which can save the user significant amounts in energy bills.

The dishwasher is also partially double skinned, which helps to reduce the noise and heat loss from the machine.

For easy use, the machine has a bright LED display with soft touch controls and also has a built-in rinse aid and detergent dispenser.

Maidaid Halcyon have been manufacturing professional catering equipment for over 40 years and have received many awards in the past for their outstanding range of equipment.

The brand are quick to respond to the ever changing demands of the market, and aim to incorporate the latest technologies and features within their equipment as customers demand higher standards of performance.

Sylvester Keal also supply several other Maidaid-Halcyon dishwashers available on our online store here

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