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SK Offers Deep Cleaning Service

Is your kitchen feeling a little under the weather? Maybe your equipment hasn’t been running as efficiently as it should be?

It’s common for dirt and grime to build up in unsuspecting areas in your kitchen and this can affect how well your kitchen runs, as well as lead to some potential health and safety hazards.

The best remedy for a kitchen like this is a thorough, deep clean! Our deep cleans will help to eradicate all of the dirt build up that could sneak up on you and clog your ventilation and extraction systems.

We understand that every kitchen is different, which is why our deep cleaning services can all be tailored to exactly what you need. Whether you need an individual piece of equipment cleaning or a full, large scale clean on your entire kitchen, we will be able to suit your needs. This even includes working around your schedules so that you experience minimal disruption!

In recent years, the Food Hygiene, Health & Safety Regulations of 1999 have increased the need for deep kitchen cleans to ensure that kitchens are running as safely and as hygienically as possible.

Our friendly cleaning team are fully trained and boast enough experience and industry knowledge to be able to help guide you into what sort of kitchen clean you will need for your space.

We thoroughly deep clean everything in your kitchen, including all cooking equipment, kitchen extraction units and all structures and any high level cleaning such as light fittings and ceilings.

After each clean, we will let you know what we did and how we did it. This includes all products used, our methods, our specification checklist and even any risks we identified.

So remember to keep your kitchen running efficiently and safely, don’t forget the deep clean!

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