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SK Featured in Care Home Catering Magazine

Recently, Sylvester Keal were featured in the summer issue of Care Home Catering magazine, in which our very own Marketing Director, Irene Keal, offered her cleaning and hygiene advice to care home caterers.

Care Home Catering magazine provides food and nutrition advice, and best practices for the elderly and vulnerable to ensure care home residents remain in good health.

The feature, entitled ’Germ Warfare’ includes tips and advice on best cleaning, hygiene and food safety practices within care homes provided by catering industry professionals.

In the feature, Irene talks about the importance of correctly cleaning and disinfecting work surfaces, equipment and anything else food may come into contact with when cooking.

She says: “It is useful to clean and clear as you go, cleaning all equipment, work surfaces and clearing away any rubbish or unwanted packaging, especially if this has been protecting raw foods.”

“This prevents the build-up of waste and ensures that bacteria are killed as quickly as possible before carrying out the next cooking stage.”

Ensuring that hygiene practice is to the highest standards possible is absolutely vital within catering environments, as failure to do so could result in the risk of food poisoning developing and other illnesses.

Irene also goes on to mention the Sylvester Keal Professional Cleaning Hygiene Range, which use high quality chemicals and also carries out full COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) safety data.

She also advises that staff who use commercial cleaning products should have basic COSHH awareness training, so that they fully understand what the products are used for and what to do if any potential hazards arise.

To help with ensuring that your cleaning, hygiene and food safety practices are to the highest possible standards, Sylvester Keal recommend following the rule of the four C’s - cross-contamination, cleaning, chilling and cooking to prevent common food safety issues from developing:

1) Cross-contamination - This occurs when bacteria, particularly from raw foods, is spread between cooked or ready-to-eat food, equipment and kitchen surfaces. However, it can be avoided by following the right rules and regulations.

2) Cleaning - To avoid the risk of cross-contamination, It is wise to carry out a thorough clean of equipment and surfaces using high quality cleaning detergents, as well as thoroughly washing your hands with anti-bacterial hand wash, which should be done regularly when handling raw and cooked food.

3) Chilled - You must keep chilled food refrigerated at all times, especially raw meat. Failure to do so could result in the food going off and if eaten, potentially cause food poisoning. Also if possible, keep raw foods and cooked foods in separate fridges.

4) Cooking - It is important to be aware of how long the food must be cooked for, and using equipment to check that food is cooked including temperature monitors and food timers is a good way to ensure food is cooked all the way through.

To read the full feature in Care Home Catering magazine, click here

You can also find Sylvester Keal’s range of cleaning equipment on our online shop, which includes a selection of high quality detergents and supplies for catering professionals:

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