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School Kitchen Refurbishments

There are many important issues to be aware of before carrying out a school kitchen refurbishment, and we at Sylvester Keal can offer you the right advice and tips to ensure that your project runs as smoothly as possible.

Due to the set times in which children have their meals at school, it is vital that cooks and catering staff are able to easily access the areas they need so that meals can be served up in a fast and efficient way, which is something you must consider before the refurbishment takes place.

Choose an expert

For your revamp, it is critical that you employ an experienced designer for the job. A designer who is honest and has expertise in school projects will help you to achieve a kitchen and canteen suited to the requirements of your staff and students.

Catering designers and suppliers should also be encouraging you to choose equipment from high quality manufacturers such as Blue Seal cooking equipment, Maidaid Halcyon warewashing equipment or UNOX combi ovens. Make sure your designer understands your requirements so that you get exactly what you need rather than what they want.

Adaptable front of house

Front of house trends are forever changing. At the moment, multi-functional space is popular and is being implemented across numerous catering environments, including schools.

Many schools, particularly primary schools, don’t have a dedicated dining area and so need adaptable equipment. The use of modular mobile units can allow caterers to easily change the layout and attributes of the daily foodservice area, and can be wheeled away when not in use.

Using drop-in systems also allows school caterers to adapt the menu on offer, even with the function of a mobile server unit, allow the food to be instantly changed from hot service to cold.

Efficient back of house

For a school’s back of house catering area, it is crucial that the kitchen is designed and specified with the right equipment to ensure the kitchen will be able to offer quickly and efficiently.

To do this, there are three main points to consider:

  • Service specification: Consider the service the kitchen has to provide, such as the serving numbers, the style of menu and whether it is a plated service, self-service or cafeteria style.
  • Space available: Is the space allocated sufficient to fit in the equipment required and does that leave enough room for staff to manoeuvre easily?
  • Budget: Always have an accurate idea of the spend available, and make sure that you stick within this range.

Many caterers also believe that they should create a menu before a kitchen and canteen design is drawn up, but this does not necessarily need to be the case, as long as you have an idea of the type of food being served up.

Knowing what types of food will be served in your catering environment before refurbishment takes place will really dictate the kitchen layout and catering equipment as required.

Here at Sylvester Keal, we can take your school kitchen project from concept to completion, taking into account your every need and requirement.

To find out more about the services Sylvester Keal offer or anything related to the above, call our team today on 01472 352033.

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