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Restaurant Kitchen Equipment, Great Service…and the NHS!!!

We have recently ‘dissected’ the ‘Nessie Hunt by Scientists’, yet there can only be one topic to discuss with the initials ‘NHS’ this week, namely the real one!

That is because our National Health Service is about to celebrate its 70th birthday!!! Naturally, the NHS is very much a national institution and this week has seen social media launch various campaigns to signify what the NHS means to individuals. Everybody is encouraged to share the reasons why they love the NHS.

In the run up to the birthday, many local NHS trusts have been unveiling some very innovative ways to celebrate – for example, sharing a unique story every day to reveal people’s fascinating accounts of the NHS throughout their lives.

One of the most eye-catching forms of national celebration ‘in unison’ has been provided by parkrun UK. The popular weekly event has reserved this Saturday as ‘NHS 70 parkrun’, which will see over 500 parkruns nationwide highlight the special birthday, with an expected 130,000 parkrunners actively enjoying what will be a marvellous occasion.

Many parkrunners will wear NHS uniform and others will place a bib on their running shirt with their own specific ‘baby number’ from birth!!!

Sylvester Keal congratulates the NHS on seven decades of service, safe in the knowledge that we care about service in every way. Indeed, we are proud of our many long standing relationships with hospitals, as the best food service equipment manufacturers! As pioneers of catering equipment for hotels and commercial kitchens, we have always connected with the concept of giving attention to the needs of others.

Many congratulations to the NHS!!!

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