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Product Focus: Valentine EVO 2200 T

It’s Valentine’s Day and what better day to showcase our Valentine EVO 2200 T fryer, than on its namesake date. 

Valentine’s Day is one of the busiest evenings of the year for restaurants: loved up couples come in their swarms looking for a delicious meal to celebrate the love they share for their other half. 

To deliver an exceptional meal, your restaurant needs to be equipped with high-performing appliances. In many commercial kitchens, the fryer is a key piece of equipment so naturally, your kitchen must adopt one that is reliable, easy to use and produces a first-class result.

The Valentine EVO 2200 T is part of the Turbo Range fryers; the free-standing appliance is electric, 400 mm wide with two 7‐8l tanks. 

The fryer is equipped with thermostatic controls with Hi‐Limit safeties, stainless steel wells and an exterior cabinet. 

There are four castors, two braked and two unbraked and the appliance is fitted with a gravity primary oil filter. For removal and cleaning, the fryer has an oil drain bucket and bucket filters. The power leads and power cable can withhold a higher load of 23.6 kW. 

Valentine fryers can also allow for the separate frying of foods with the two tank models, with an enhanced system of oil filtration which is designed to completely segregate the oil in each of the two pans. This is especially useful if the caterer is frying gluten-free foods or vegetarian/vegan foods and perfect if your restaurant has a couple with mixed dietary requirements!

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