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Planning your kitchen design

Planning a design or redesign for your kitchen or restaurant means caterers must consider several things before this takes place, such as the current trends, how to keep your kitchen or restaurant functional and sticking to a set budget.

At the moment, the idea of plain, white walls are being eliminated, with a new take on bright, bold colour schemes.

Design styles currently have a very retro feel to them, with 70s and 80s inspired vibes and neon colours being implemented into modern kitchens of today.

Plants are also becoming quite popular within bars and restaurants including landscaping elements such as a living green wall, potted plants and hanging baskets with herbs.

The use of sound proofing materials are also being used more within catering operations, allowing customers to have conversations without the sound being transferred to the next room.

Before you start your kitchen or restaurant design plan, it is wise to choose a designer who is skilled and experienced, such as our design team at Sylvester Keal.

It is also important to ensure you receive good and honest advice from design experts who have a reputation for success within the catering design industry, as this will put your mind at ease.

Despite the current trends at present ranging from one end of the spectrum to the other, caterers must also ensure that their kitchen still remains functional.

Taking this into consideration, it is also worth in the long run to try and keep costs down when you are planning your kitchen or restaurant design.

For kitchen designers, having keen procurement is key as they strive for the best possible prices without compromising on the quality.

Designers should be transparent and upfront with clients and their projects, as they must be able to recommend the right equipment that can do its job properly without recommending equipment that may be over-specified for the client’s needs and will cost a large amount of money.

Sylvester Keal have a team of experts from designers, engineers and other catering professionals who can offer friendly, knowledgeable advice on commercial kitchens.

To find out how our team can help you with your next kitchen or restaurant design, please contact us on 01472 352033 to find out more.

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