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Meet the Team: Peter



Job title:

Warehouse operative/driver

How long have you worked at Sylvester Keal?

7 months

What does your job role involve?

My job role involves delivering products to customers from schools, colleges, care homes and hospitals. I also pick in the warehouse and replenish stock, and we often put the stock away into the customer’s store cupboard if this is something they request.

What would you say are the top qualities or skills required in your job role?

I would say in my job role, it is important to be friendly and have excellent attention to detail. It is also vital to be a very careful driver as I am out on the road most of the time. It’s also good to go above and beyond expectations in my role, so I always ensure that I go the extra mile for customers to make sure that they’re happy with the service we are providing.

Describe in three words what it is like to work for Sylvester Keal

I would say it is enjoyable, different and a family run business made to feel valued. I really like working for Sylvester Keal and each day brings something different which always makes the job interesting.

What do you enjoy the most about working for Sylvester Keal?

I enjoy lots of things working for Sylvester Keal and one thing that I really like is that the working hours are very good and flexible for me.

What challenges are you faced with in your role and how do you overcome these?

Being a driver and being based mainly in the warehouse, I often find that getting to customers on time can be a bit of a challenge. We always try and leave the warehouse with enough time to get to the customer’s location, but this can sometimes be disrupted if the roads are busy. To ensure that we get to the customer on time as best we can, we always carefully plan our routes to avoid traffic congestions and roadworks.

Ensuring that customers have all their orders fulfilled can also be a bit of a challenge, so it is important that we work closely with the buying team to make sure all stock is on the shelf ready to be picked and delivered.

Which do you prefer to drink at work - tea or coffee?

Definitely tea and it has to be white with one and a half sugars!

What’s your favourite biscuit to dunk in your tea or coffee?

I don’t really have a sweet tooth to be honest so I’m not really a biscuit man - I prefer savoury treats!

Tell us a funny fact about yourself

When I was younger, I was an overlocker in a knicker factory and I was the only male there working alongside 50 ladies. Needless to say I didn’t stay there very long!

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