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Meet the Team: Jo

Name: Jo

Job Title: Service Office Supervisor

How long have you worked at Sylvester Keal?

2 years

What does your job role involve?

Here at Sylvester Keal, my time is mainly taken up by allocating jobs to our engineers to ensure there aren’t any issues with our schedule, whilst also dealing with our customers who have booked one of the SK engineers. As well as this, I also complete a number of daily tasks which include credit control queries, creating new accounts, overseeing our service database and other day-to-day adhoc business tasks.

What would you say are the top qualities or skills required in your job role?

As Sylvester Keal’s Service Office Supervisor, I feel it’s extremely important to be patient and understanding with both clients and staff. Diplomacy is always the key and also, being able to multitask.

Describe in three words what it is like to work for Sylvester Keal.

Challenging, rewarding and unique.

What do you enjoy the most about working for Sylvester Keal?

We have a great team here at Sylvester Keal. It’s a pleasure to work with each and every one of them - that’s something that is really important to me.

What challenges are you faced with in your role and how do you overcome these?

In the Service department we are always juggling balls, which are all priorities, but we always work extremely hard to make sure everything is completed and customers are always happy.

Which do you prefer to drink at work - tea or coffee?

No preference for me, as long as it’s milky!

What’s your favourite biscuit to drunk in your tea or coffee?

Biscuits aren’t my favourite, for me it’s all about midget gems.

Tell us a funny fact about yourself.

I have a converted red telephone box, now a disco, in my back garden. Rock and roll!

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