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Loch Ness & Unox Combi Ovens!

Something is lurking in Scottish waters…

Yes, the last week has seen the ‘hunt’ well and truly back on for Nessie!!!!!

Firstly, a group of intrepid scientists from New Zealand announced that they plan to head to Scotland next month to perform environmental DNA sampling of the waters. They want to test Loch Ness to see if there is any evidence of life that has not previously been discovered!

Researchers from the University of Otago will then compare the information with their findings from other lochs in Scotland and see how, or if, it differs. The theory is that the age-old argument will finally be solved once and for all: is Nessie actually for real?!

The lead author behind the study revealed that when creatures move through any environment, it naturally leaves behind tiny fragments of DNA from skin, scales and feathers. The idea is that this DNA can be captured, sequenced and then readily used to identify that creature, just by comparing the sequence obtained to large databases of known ‘genetic sequences’ from 100,000s of different organisms!

Rumour has it that Nessie could even be a large catfish or sturgeon and the DNA testing will finally reveal the ‘creature beneath’!

This debate was then further fuelled at the weekend, as a young schoolgirl captured footage which once again appeared to definitively show something ‘long and thin’ splashing around in the Loch! Shocked eight-year-old Laria Annand was visiting the loch with her grandmother when they noticed strange movement in the water and the light bouncing off a long unidentified object. Videos and pictures were shared, which will further intensify (and justify!) the pending research!

Will it be a monster, or just a large fish? Or maybe a combination of them both?! Sylvester Keal will look on with interest, whilst we continue to develop our own ‘combination’ – namely the unique ‘Unox’ baking ovens and combi ovens! 

That always provides our professional kitchens with The Taste Of Success…

…so call us; we can help in every area, even if it is a monster of a job!!!!!

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