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Laundry Supplies and Equipment...for Pets!?

Regular followers of our social media channels will know all about Harvey, SK’s legendary ‘super-pet’.

Wherever we go, so does our labradoodle! Harvey regularly joins us in the office and his unerring positivity reflects our core values perfectly. In short, he is always friendly and welcoming!

You certainly could say ‘he is part of the furniture’ and it now appears that we have a golden opportunity to literally get him a desk of his own within the business!!! So how is this possible I hear you ask?

Well, as always, IKEA may have the answer…

This is because the world’s largest furniture retailer has decided to provide our furry friends with the latest ‘creature comforts’! The Scandinavian firm has this week announced that they are unveiling a highly innovative range of furniture for pets and also revealed they consulted vets to provide input into ‘maximum comfort’ within the designs.

The range is currently only being rolled out in the US, Canada, France, and Japan and it is expected that the UK will follow suit in March 2018! We have therefore less than six months to start planning the potential furniture that Harvey can enjoy in his office-based environment here in North East Lincolnshire.

We are used to excelling in laundry supplies and laundry equipment, so pet equipment is certainly a new avenue for us!

As ever, co-creation of strategy with our loyal customers is the key, so what do you suggest for our Harvey?!

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