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A couple of weeks ago, we talked about the pending arrival of World Cup fever as the tournament kicked-off in Russia...

…and it certainly hasn’t disappointed!!!

The feared spectre of fan trouble has not materialised and a wonderful festival of colour, noise and excitement has been in evidence right from the very first game.

In terms of our own country, England’s two opening results have certainly added to our own personal feel-good factor! Indeed, Sunday’s victory by the ‘Three Lions’ over Panama pulled in a huge TV audience, with a peak of over 14 million viewers tuning in to watch the 6-1 success against the Central American side.

This equated to a share of the whole  Sunday afternoon TV audience of a staggering 72.9% , meaning that almost three quarters of everybody watching television at that time were watching England! The figures for a weekend lunchtime are staggering, even if our opening victory over Tunisia was watched by more viewers, with some 18 million tuning in for England’s Monday night clash with the North African side.

To put this in context, viewing figures for both matches were higher than those of the royal wedding earlier this year, which pulled in 8.65 million viewers and a peak audience of 13.1 million.

Harry and Meghan’s story ended in delirious happiness and SK ‘proposes’ to wish Gareth Southgate’s team all the very best for an extended stay in the competition!

As champion of professional kitchens, our hard surface cleaner and degreaser will always have an extended stay too…not leaving until it has eliminated the danger of grease and oils!

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