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The Garden Centres Catering Conundrum

Choosing the right catering equipment for garden centres can be different from other catering operations. However, we at Sylvester Keal have the knowledge and expertise to advise garden centre operators on the right equipment they should purchase for their kitchen.

For garden centre kitchens in which food is prepared and cooked in, it is highly important to have the essentials in catering equipment, however specific equipment will vary depending on the menu type and style of restaurant.

This includes prep and cooking equipment, such as a convection oven, a deep fat fryer and griddle. For keeping food chilled and fresh, items such as a commercial refrigerator and an industrial ice machine are vital.

Also, for cleaning large quantities of kitchen utensils, crockery, pots and pans, an industrial dishwasher and a stainless steel washbasin are key items which every garden centre catering professional or chef should have in their kitchen.

Given the essentials in catering equipment, it is important to look into several things that will help decide on what kind of equipment is most suitable for your garden centre kitchen.

Equipment which is modern, current and does its job well is ideal, but this must also look classy in order to suit the nature of the business.

It is also wise to consider proper equipment specifications for the type of food being served, for example specialised grills for a barbecue-style offering.

However in today’s ever-changing age, we have already seen a lot of technological advances that have been made in common items of commercial kitchen equipment to handle the on-going issue of space restrictions in professional kitchens.

This has included the introduction of ‘slimline’ versions of modern equipment to the development  of multifunctional appliances which have the ability to carry out several cooking methods at once in order to fit out a fully-functional, every day commercial catering operation that is also energy efficient.

Having these types of equipment requires correct usage and maintenance. Without thorough staff training, business owners risk investing thousands on new equipment and not getting the full benefit out of it. It is in everyone’s best interests that the equipment works correctly, and of course, safely for the business to ensure maximum return.

Sylvester Keal recommend that users should take the time required to understand all aspects of new equipment once it has been installed, which is something that we are more than happy to help out with.

With regards to future technological advances, it is likely that more users will turn to induction cooking overtime, as it is the most energy friendly method of cooking, allowing operators to make higher investments in other energy efficient cooking equipment.

Also, the use of multifunctional catering equipment will also increase to serve the rapidly changing customer needs and to save on space in the kitchen.

Despite all of this, it is important to remember one key thing when purchasing catering equipment - always purchase the best quality you can afford to invest in, as it will earn you a return in the long run.

By following Sylvester Keal’s advice and tips on kitting out your garden centre catering operation with the best equipment, you will be sure to have a kitchen that is versatile and flexible despite how big or small it is.

For more information or advice on choosing catering equipment for your garden centre catering operation, contact us on 01472 352033 today where one of our friendly team will be happy to discuss this with you.

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