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Food Service Equipment … and Dennis the Menace!!!

Last week, on July 30th, our very own Martyn Keal celebrated his birthday! Our leader and inspiration shares his birthday with the date of England’s famous ever triumph – the 1966 World Cup final victory over West Germany! 

It was also revealed last week that he also shares it the finest comic masterpiece of all our generations...namely THE BEANO!!!

Yes, the 30th July also incredibly saw the 80th birthday of this childhood classic; names from which ring out like a roll call of fame from yesteryear: Dennis the Menace, Minnie the Minx, Rodger the Dodger, Beryl the Peril and the infamous Bash Street Kids!

It is now officially Britain's longest-running children's comic and is one of the few surviving relics of Britain’s post-war comic boom. It has been run by Dundee-based publishing house DC Thomson since 1938 and is a real throwback to a pre-digital era! It sold almost two million copies weekly in the 1950s and has continued to be popular over the decades.

Indeed, it still has a thriving future! The Beano editorial director Mike Stirling hinted at a return for the Dennis and Gnasher Fan Club, a forthcoming live-action Minnie the Minx series aimed at young teens, and further plans to bring characters like Bananaman to the screen! Ironically, our very own Mr Keal has previously starred at fancy dress gatherings as Bananaman! Is this all linked?!!!

All we can say for certain is that we are the best food service equipment manufacturers, with unrivalled restaurant equipment for hotels and professional kitchens! We operate with leading names such as Maidaid and Blue Seal– lots to get your ‘gnashers’ into!!!

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