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Providing an excellent sanitising spray which has a 30 second kill rate, Sylvester Keal are pleased to stock the Enviro-fresh for all your cleaning needs.

This product is a cleaner sanitiser that has outstanding cleaning properties and uses no harmful chemicals, meaning it is completely eco-friendly.

With a pleasant floral fragrance, this product is perfect for cleaning on-the-go and can be used in washrooms, laundries, corridors, bedrooms and many other areas within schools, hospitals, hotels and more.

The Enviro-fresh is also cleverly designed so that it can be efficiently stored away and is easy to carry around so that areas can be kept clean and hygiene-friendly. 

Available in a six-pack of 750ml trigger bottles, the Enviro-fresh is the ideal product to kill germs and bacteria quickly with a simple spray and wipe.

To make a purchase, visit SK’s online store or to find out more about this product, get in touch by emailing or call 01472 352033.

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