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Ensure your banqueting event is one your guests won’t forget!

Organising banqueting events and conference dinners can be an extremely busy job to carry out. However, we at Sylvester Keal have the expertise and knowledge to help assist you for your next banqueting event, and make it's one your guests won’t forget.

When holding a banquet, it is important to provide a quick and efficient service, and the style you have chosen will often depend on the type of food being served. 

If your banquet involves serving buffet style, light ‘finger foods’, a reception service would most likely work best for this. Guests can then serve themselves, requiring little or no staff to assist with serving food or any beverages.

If you are choosing to adopt a hors d’oeuvres service for your event, offering a pre-plated buffet service such as entrees, sandwich plates and salad plates placed on a buffet style table is an ideal option for this kind of service. 

Food can also be placed on a table which can then be rolled into the function room once guests are ready to be served.

Another option which can be provided is a show cooking station, which allows chefs to prepare and serve food at the buffet rather than in the kitchen. 

A wide variety of foods can be cooked and served instantly to guests using a show cooking station, such as stir-fry dishes, fajitas, pasta, grilled meats, omelettes and flaming desserts.

It is highly important to consider guests’ requirements, and ensure that you have provided vegetarian or vegan options and are aware of any special dietary requirements or allergies of guests. 

It is also a good idea to try and include seasonal foods or ethnic and regional menus which can keep costs at a minimum. 

Selecting the right equipment for your banquet is also important, as combi ovens can be ideal for catering for large numbers of people and allows multiple dishes to be cooked at once. Choosing the right serving equipment is also vital, such as table settings and beverage facilities.

To really push the boat out and wow your guests, it is a good idea to produce personalised canapés and eye catching napkins, taking into consideration your guests’ requirements and the style of the event.

Sylvester Keal offer a wide range of services such as kitchen installations & catering equipment supplies.

To speak to one of our team regarding our services or anything related to this, call us on 01472 352033.

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