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Education Sector Must-Haves

Protecting the health and safety of school pupils is vital in an environment where germs and bacteria can quickly spread between students and staff.

Although health and safety is paramount within any industry, it is even more important to keep hygiene levels to the highest standards possible within the education sector.

To help with this, schools must use the right cleaning products and supplies that will effectively kill bacteria, reduce the risk of infection and protect the health of children and members of staff.

In areas such as kitchens, toilets and staff rooms within schools bacteria and germs can quickly multiply, so regular cleaning using efficient and reliable cleaning supplies should take place on a daily basis.

At Sylvester Keal, we have a wide range of cleaning products designed specifically for commercial use, and are made using no harsh chemicals that could affect the health and wellbeing of individuals.

To help with keeping schools clean and as bacteria free as possible, Sylvester Keal have chosen our top four products we believe are paramount to use within schools that will clean surfaces, products and equipment to the highest standards and will eliminate any germs that may be living on surfaces…

5A Hard Surface Cleaner - A general purpose detergent, this is a versatile product that is ideal for cleaning counter tops, walls, canopies, rails and much more. This product has impeccable degreasing properties that can easily remove grease, oils and dirt from hard surfaces without using any harsh chemicals. It can also be diluted with water for cleaning floors and with the Sylvester Keal colour coded trigger bottle for spraying onto surfaces and wiping off.

Envirosan - This product is an MRSA sanitiser and effective germ killer for use on all kitchen surfaces. Made using organic chemicals, this high strength sanitiser has been developed to instantly kill bacteria and is food contact safe, making it ideal for use in schools where immune systems are still developing! This bacteria fighting cleaner is best to use diluted using Sylvester Keal’s EcoShot Dosing System.

6L Loo Fresh - The Loo Freshener from Sylvester Keal is a toilet cleaner suitable for use on ceramic and stainless steel toilets and urinals. This pine fragranced toilet cleaner is concentrated and removes all stains, limescale and deposits from toilets and urinals, keeping toilets fresh and clean.

8A Biocidal Hand Soap - This non-fragranced bactericidal hand wash can be used within washroom areas in toilets or within kitchen or catering facilities. Providing a safe, anti-bacterial soap for hands only, this product is to be used in bulk fill soap dispensers and is the simplest way to fill and dispense soap. Ideal for use in schools, this product can easily kill bacteria and germs on hands boosting cleanliness within schools.

To find out more about Sylvester Keal’s range of cleaning supplies for use in commercial catering operations, visit our online store at

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