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Commercial Kitchen Maintenance…The Friendly Way!

Last week, we debated whether intrepid scientists would finally discover the truth about whether our ‘Nessie’ exists or not in Loch Ness…

…well, how about if Nessie is a dolphin?! Is Nessie captive there?!

This is because research this week has emerged that attempts to measure how animals and marine mammals feel about aspects of their lives (from being in captivity). This active research has emanated from a group of scientists who have been extensively working with dolphins at a marine park near Paris.

They claim that it is the first project to examine captivity ‘from the animals’ perspective’ and they readily assessed what activities dolphins looked forward to most. They found that the answer was…human activity! Specifically, they loved interacting with ‘a familiar human’! Ultimately, it was evaluated that ‘better human-animal bonds equals better welfare’.

The study, published in the journal ‘Applied Animal Behaviour Science’, was part of a three-year project to measure dolphin welfare in a captive setting. The primary research originated from Parc Astérix, which hosts one of France's largest dolphinariums.

Experiments were made to intrinsically ‘decode dolphin behaviour’, which is to look for physical postures that indicate how the animals were feeling. Three activities were tested: a trainer coming and playing with dolphins; adding toys to the pool; and ‘control’, which meant leaving the dolphins to their own devices.

We are therefore left wondering if there are any ‘familiar humans’ that traverse around the Scottish Highlands...and more specifically Loch Ness! Indeed, whether Nessie is a dolphin-esque character or something completely different, the fascination behind the relationship between mammals and humans remains intact!

At SK, we certainly apply the ‘familiar humans’ idea…our commercial kitchen services are always underpinned by friendly commercial kitchen fitters and a commercial project manager. We certainly will not leave you to your own devices and will support you all the way, leaving you leaping (and flipping!) with pure joy!!!

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