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The countdown is on…after 4 years of waiting in earnest, the festival of football is about to begin…

…the 21st World Cup is starting on Thursday in Russia!!! 

Exciting times for everybody that loves the beautiful game…and whisper it quietly…England are somewhat ‘under the radar’ at this particular tournament! That can only be a good sign! The only ‘public fanfare’ came at the weekend, when the Red Arrows gave the team a special ‘flypast’ to wish them luck for their own flight to Russia on Tuesday! Indeed, when you read this, Gareth Southgate and his players will have landed near Saint Petersburg, to begin their preparations.

It does appear that the team are far more relaxed than many of their counterparts in recent history and with little pressure to perform. Southgate has been the master of such serenity, even asking his team to speak to injured servicemen from the Royal Marines in a bid to put the so-called ‘intensity’ of the World Cup into true perspective.

In addition, he also conducted a ‘speed dating’ exercise, whereby all the team had to be available for media interviews on a rotational basis in a large hall! Southgate had travelled to America to watch how teams prepared for the Super Bowl and this was one of many ideas to buck the traditional approach of only certain ‘stars’ appearing before the media.

There were no rules of what could and could not be asked, and there were no Football Association officials flanking each player to worry over the nature of the questions or the answers. It certainly was the most relaxed environment in which the squad have ever spoken.

This balanced approach, where the team is ahead of any individual, is certainly paying dividends and nobody can claim that there are any scandals or negative publicity surrounding the camp. It is positive, upbeat and calm.

This mirrors our own approach at #TeamSK and we are always positive about our commercial kitchen installation, catering equipment repairs and commercial kitchen maintenance! We are calm in even the trickiest of situations and will always reach your goal!

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