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Combat the cold with SK's red rock salt!

As the weather is expected to drop to as low as -2 degrees this week, weather forecasts predict there could be a possible chance of ice and snow.

With this in mind, Sylvester Keal have the ideal solution to help prevent the build-up of ice and snow on public ground - our specialist red rock salt.

The most common road salt used by local authorities and gritting companies, it is often referred to as brown salt and is perfect as a de-icing salt which works quickly in bad conditions for areas such as roads, car parks and pavements.

Providing a great economical product, it is the product of choice for gritting specifically large areas as well as for keeping smaller areas gritted for long periods of time.

As the colour of the rock salt is mainly red or brown, it can easily be seen once it has been spread on the affected areas meaning the product doesn’t have to be wasted on areas which have already been covered.

Sylvester Keal’s rock salt bags are filled with the highest grade of rock salt available in the UK, and can be efficiently stored for future use.

Our rock salt bags are available to purchase at £6.47 per bag providing great value for money. To find out more information or to place an order, please contact Lisa or Holly in our sales office on 01472 352033 or email 

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