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Choosing the Right Laundry Equipment

Although Sylvester Keal are professionals in catering equipment, we are also experts in laundry supplies and have a range of commercial laundry equipment available to buy or rent from our online store.

From tumble dryers, washing machines and laundry ironers, we have a wide range of equipment suitable for use within your commercial catering operation.

Choosing the right laundry equipment is vital, and it is useful to know the facts about commercial laundry equipment before you invest in any new equipment.

We have several laundry experts here at Sylvester Keal, one of these being Peter, our Business Development Manager, who recommends IPSO as the leading manufacturer for laundry equipment.

For any catering operation looking to purchase a new washing machine, Peter recommends the extra large softmount IY range of washers for commercial caterers, which are available in a capacity of 80kg, 100kg and 120kg.

These washers have several features and functions built in, such as a patented soap dispenser with five removable compartments, perforated lifting ribs and eco washing programs, which means there is a lower water and electricity consumption, and the linen and fabric softness will also be enhanced.

He says: “Don’t always go for the cheapest equipment because it will save money, consider all options available as purchasing equipment that is higher in quality will turn out being better value for money in the long run.”

Most recently with laundry equipment, the latest advancement is the weigh and wash system, which means the washer weighs the load before putting it in the relevant water to chemical at the correct ratio, allowing for optimum washing.

However, one of the key things operators need to think about with laundry equipment is the load capacity and eco efficiency.

Operators must be aware of the load capacity for any washing machine before purchasing. It is important to purchase the right equipment with the right load capacity, as under or overloading is something operators must avoid.

To get the most out of laundry equipment, it is wise to use auto dosing to get the correct chemical balance, as the right wash processes will help to reduce a re-wash and prevent damage to items.

Peter says: “Make sure you are future proofing your wash systems, as the correct equipment will last much longer than any under capacity system.

Renting equipment is always a good option, as all service and repairs are covered so if you can rent, then this is something you should consider doing.”

To find out more about the laundry equipment Sylvester Keal supply, contact us on 01472 352033 to find out more.

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