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Choose Sylvester Keal for your catering redesign project…

When it comes to redesigning your catering areas, there are many things to consider, but our team has the knowledge and expertise to help.

If you are considering planning a redesign, it is important to firstly think about how much space is available before putting any ideas into place.

Once you are aware of this, you can then evaluate your menu and the food on offer, how many people will be running the kitchen and how many covers are needed to make the business financially viable.

However, the most important thing to remember is that the kitchen designers who are working on your project are providing the best support and advice throughout the whole process, working closely with you to create the right plans and concepts.

When considering the costs, this can depend on the size of the space which is being redesigned and what kind of equipment needs to be purchased, which then depends on your menu style.

The type of kitchen appliances you purchase can play a big part in costs, including plumbing and electrical requirements.

Having a redesign of your catering areas can provide a wide range of benefits. It can allow you to use more of the available space, and can improve the rate of the workflow which can increase efficiency. 

Purchasing new and improved equipment can also have an effect on energy usage, as the latest equipment can offer energy efficiency ratings which complies to current legislations and therefore reducing bill costs.

If you have decided to not buy new equipment, upgrading your current equipment can also provide huge benefits to your business and offers improved cooking processes.

Choosing what kind of redesign to have all depends on the reasons of your redesign, but there are many current trends which are popular at the moment among catering operators. Open plan show cooking has always, and still is today, a big trend so you may want to consider showing your new equipment in action to customers and guests.

Overall, the main points to consider for a kitchen redesign includes thinking about storage, the space in which you are working with, the type of cuisine offered, cleaning areas and front of house. It is also important that you have discussed these points with your kitchen designer.

Call the Sylvester Keal team today to discuss any queries you may have about catering design on 01472 352033.

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