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A Day in the Life of Chris - a year on

Last year, you might remember that we did a blog post on ‘A day in the life of Chris’, who at the time was our warehouse manager

Chris’ role as warehouse manager was vitally important, as he was responsible for ensuring that all orders were picked on time and delivered to customers, which was something he was able to do with ease and efficiency.

After impressing us with his warehouse managing skills, we decided to promote Chris to general manager last year and he is now a key player in ensuring that everything runs smoothly throughout the entire business, managing several of our departments.

A lot can change in a year and we thought now would be the perfect time to update you on Chris’ current role at Sylvester Keal, what this now involves for him and how things have changed…

Chris has been in the logistics industry for 42 years and has spent half of this time in director or senior management positions. Joining Sylvester Keal just three years ago, Chris has been able to use his wealth of experience in senior positions to help him in his role as warehouse manager, which has ultimately helped him to move up to the general manager role.

As general manager, there is no such thing as a typical day for Chris but normally, he starts the day with a quick walk around the various departments to check that everything is running smoothly and that the team are ‘fit to fly’. 

After this is done, Chris then takes his place in the service department where he is temporarily based until the team recruit a service manager. The service team has grown hugely in just a short space of time so Chris’ role in this department is very much advisory and supportive, although he occasionally has to log service calls for equipment.

Most recently, Sylvester Keal has appointed a logistics manager and Chris has been able to use his experience at SK to offer guidance and support in the various aspects of this role until the new manager finds their feet.

As well as this, Chris is currently temporarily managing the commercial cleaning department which offers a range of cleaning and hygiene services. This includes the extraction cleaning to TR/19 certification standards of commercial kitchens, laundries, care homes and catering businesses.

The general manager role can get extremely busy at times for Chris, meaning he must utilise the skills he used in the warehouse manager role and his experience prior to this to ensure that everything runs according to plan.

Chris said: “Since my promotion to general manager a year ago, my wealth of experience has definitely helped in this role. I really enjoy the variety in this position, from taking part in meetings to discuss the future direction of the company or unloading pallets on the fork lift truck for the warehouse team. For me, there is no such thing as a typical day as every day is completely different.”

Sylvester Keal would like to say a huge well done and thank you to Chris for all of the hard work he puts in to ensure that everything runs as it should across the business.

To get in touch with Chris for any enquiries, email him at

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