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A Day in the Life: Chris

At Sylvester Keal, each member of our staff carry out different jobs every single day, and each role is crucial in delivering the highest standards of customer service.

One member of staff who plays a vitally important role is Chris Codling, our Warehouse Manager.

Chris has been in the warehousing industry for just over 40 years, and has been with Sylvester Keal for one year. His job can get extremely busy at times, meaning organisation, preparation and time management are key.

In a typical day for Chris, he normally begins by checking his emails in the sales office to see if there has been any last minute orders he can process.

He then meets with the warehouse team - three delivery drivers, one order picker and one fork lift truck driver, for a quick chat about the day ahead.

The drivers then begin by loading the products from the vans, which are then delivered to our customers. The boxes the products come in can be of any size, and can be from one box to multiple boxes filled with cleaning products and kitchen equipment.

Once the first delivery has gone out, Chris then goes back to the sales team to get an update on sales. He then checks the order for the day and it all starts again.

Chris said: “I love the team spirit here, and I get a lot of satisfaction when everything has gone out of the door and has ran smoothly.

“I enjoy the unpredictability of the job, and Irene and Martyn are very helpful and approachable, as well as being very much involved with what happens.”

Although being relatively small, the warehousing team take great pride in what they do, ensuring vehicles are fit for the road, carrying out MOT tests and servicing.

Delivering as far as Newcastle, Lancashire and Peterborough, but mainly Humberside, the team go to extra lengths to ensure customers are satisfied with their service, even offering next day delivery.

During Chris’ time here at Sylvester Keal so far, he has successfully drove our excellent warehousing team forward and attends regular meetings with the management team to discuss ways in which they can improve their service and make it even better.

A big well done to Chris and the team for their constant enthusiasm and hard work, it definitely doesn’t go unnoticed!

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