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Veganuary: Have you got your separate equipment ready?

Veganuary is a time in the year where it is encouraged for people to go vegan for the month of January. Founded in 2014, the movement was an unexpected success converting hundreds of thousands of omnivores and vegetarians, to the vegan diet.

It was, therefore, no surprise to see large food corporations cashing in on the success of the movement. In 2019, a multitude of fast food corporations introduced vegan dishes to their menus, to accommodate those participating in the campaign and those who participate in a vegetarian and vegan lifestyle for the rest of the year.  Last year, Greggs showcased the vegan sausage roll, which became a phenomenon for its convincing ‘meaty’ texture, the company’s profits boomed for 2019, which is why many big fast-food corporations followed suit in 2020.  Greggs, McDonald’s, TGI Fridays, KFC and Costa are just some of the big-name brands that have added vegan options to their menus this year, but there is one food chain that has not cut the mustard.  In January this year, Burger King launched its first-ever plant-based burger in the UK, but the fast-food restaurant has come under fire for its preparation methods, revealing the burger would be cooked on the same grill as the meat patties and as a result would not be classed as a ‘vegan’ burger.  Many smaller restaurants are now taking the initiative to introduce more vegan options to the menu, so it’s important your eatery doesn’t fall in the same firing line as Burger King. To comply with vegan practice, you will need to introduce separate cooking apparatus to prepare any plant-based product. Fortunately, Sylvester Keal is on hand with a range of high-quality kitchen equipment to keep your restaurant operating to its peak performance.  ‘Sylvester Keal/Roller Grill’ FD80DR Twin Tank Fryer KFC, despite creating a Quorn vegan burger, failed to announce on the same billboard that they wouldn’t be offering a meal deal with the rest of their main dishes, as their fries were not suitable for vegans due to being cooked in the same fryers as the Popcorn chicken.  Don’t make the same mistake, and keep your chips separate from your fried meat, by introducing the Roller Grill FD80DR Twin Tank Fryer to your kitchen. The front-mounted controls ensure safe working practice with a hinging element with safety cut-out provides easy access to tank for cleaning. Manufactured from high-quality grade 304 stainless steel, the appliance is contemporary yet practical and will keep your fries meat-free but as crisp and tasty as ever.  ‘Sylvester Keal/Roller Grill’ PSF 600E Griddle For your vegan offerings, whether it be a plant-based burger, a grilled vegetable kebab or jackfruit taco, you will need a separate grill, so the vegan products aren’t contaminated with any meaty alternatives.  Look no further, as the Roller Grill’ PSF 600E Griddle produces thoroughly cooked, delicious meals. Made from a solid 12mm thick machined steel plate, the appliance ensures even heat distribution and excellent heat retention; it is also thermostatically controlled for a consistent, even performance every time.  Our online catalogue is continually updated with new products, all stored in our warehouse. Get in touch and we can order the equipment for your requirements or speak with one of our friendly sales staff, we’ll be more than happy to help, telephone 01472 352033.

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