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Product focus - Valentine EVO 400 Electric Fryer

In many commercial kitchens the fryer is an essential piece of equipment so naturally, it is important that your establishment owns one that is reliable, easy to use and produces a high quality result.

With this in mind, SK are proud to be suppliers of Valentine fryers, in particular the EVO 400 Electric Fryer which is from the new range of Evolution fryers.

This fryer is free standing and has a fry tank which is pressed from a single piece of stainless steel allowing for easy cleaning with its smooth, rounded profile.

With an output of 38-46 kg an hour and a pan width of 400 x 600 x 850/900mm, the EVO 400 fryer is designed with a small cool zone which requires less oil to fill the fryer but with the same output as the previous model which can ultimately save the user in costs.

The fryer also has thermostatic control with Hi-Limit safety as well as an exterior cabinet, rear castors and adjustable front legs so that the working height can be changed between 850-900mm.

The product also comes with a gravity primary oil filter which includes an oil drain bucket and bucket filters, power leads and a power cable of 15 kW.

Valentine has been a specialist manufacturer of high quality fryers since 1953 and their products are widely used throughout Europe in some of the most prestigious kitchens and serveries around.

Originating in Switzerland, the Valentine range of fryers has proved extremely popular with the UK market and many of the first fryers that were built in the 50s are still used today in kitchens across the country.

Valentine fryers can also allow for the separate frying of foods with the two tank models, which is useful for if the caterer is frying gluten free foods or vegetarian/vegan foods.

Sylvester Keal stock a range of table-top fryers and salamanders from Valentine which you can check out on our online store here

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