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New Year, New Kitchen

Replace Out-of-Date Appliances  No caterer wants to go into the New Year with faulty kitchen equipment, as an ill-performing piece of equipment can sabotage your daily operation. When thinking about new equipment, a caterer should always consider workflow and the equipment requirements for your menu options.  With price ranges to suit all budgets, Sylvester Keal is available to offer a wide range of appliances, ranging from cookers, built-in ovens, hot cupboards, preparation tables, salamanders, fryers, microwaves, fridges, freezers, warewashers, washing machines, dryers as well as many other kitchen appliances and accessories.  Equipment Efficiency  To improve equipment efficiency in the kitchen, it is worthwhile to introduce multifunctional equipment into the mix. Multifunctional equipment is becoming ever more popular in a commercial kitchen; any appliance that increases efficiency and relieves labour is essential in a busy restaurant kitchen environment. It also saves the need to purchase several types of equipment. One piece of equipment which offers a multitude of features is the combi oven.  Sylvester Keal offer a versatile mix of combi ovens from high-quality brand, Unox, that are easily programmable with a range of cooking functions. Check out our range here.  Allergen Awareness  In the past few years, there has been an increasing number of severe allergy reactions, that have taken place in eateries across the UK. Now, to reduce the number of allergy reactions in restaurants in 2020, caterers need to take action as it has never been more important to label and prepare food.  Sylvester Keal’s food prep and allergen labels help ensure that your staff are always aware when a potential allergen is present in food produce. The labels have spaces for the “food name”, “prep date”, “use by date”, “frozen date”, “defrost date” as well as various tick boxes for all the primary and most common food allergens. To find out what Sylvester Keal can offer you for the New Year, please contact 01472 352033 or email

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