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Kitchen Equipment Maintenance with SK

It is common knowledge within the hospitality industry that if a vital piece of catering equipment fails during a busy period, this can mean only one thing - disaster.

Many restaurants are known to get extremely busy during peak times of the day and at specific times of year, for example on weekends and during school holidays as well as during seasonal celebrations such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

During these specific times, or during any time when your restaurant is at its most busiest, this can lead to bad service and if the worst comes to worst, this could ultimately lead to customers leaving your catering establishment and going elsewhere.

Sylvester Keal understand that although no equipment lasts forever, it is important to ensure that your equipment receives a regular service through a Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) plan.

Our experts recommend that all catering equipment must have at least an annual service, and this is a mandatory requirement for all gas appliances. Depending on how often the equipment is used depends on how often it is serviced, for example six monthly and in extreme cases, quarterly.

Having a preventative maintenance plan in place is a smart way for foodservice operators to spend and also save money. For an extremely reasonable price, caterers can have complete peace of mind that a periodic inspection, which can be planned around and ahead of busy periods, can help prevent any future expensive breakdowns.

As well as securing a PPM contract in place, there are also things staff can do to prevent future breakdowns by keeping equipment in good condition. All operators of any kitchen equipment should receive the correct competency training which can help to avoid any health and safety hazards and educate staff of how to use the equipment in the correct way.

Carrying out basic daily cleaning regimes is also vitally important, as this will increase the lifespan of the machine and reduce any unexpected problems or breakdowns. Grease and food debris are the two most common contributing factors to the malfunctions of equipment such as microwaves, fryers and ovens, so it is crucial that these appliances are cleaned on a regular basis using the correct cleaning products.

Caterers should also ensure that the manufacturers instructions are adhered to, such as the salting of dishwashers and ensuring that water filters are changed regularly. Canopy and ducting extraction systems also have a requirement under TR19 to ensure standards of cleanliness are high.

The EHO are also becoming widely known in the industry for carrying out more inspections regularly, so therefore good food hygiene is one of the fundamental reasons for good housekeeping.

Sylvester Keal offer annual Planned Preventative Maintenance contracts which helps to keep your foodservice equipment working with the aim of reducing breakdowns, which inevitably always happens right in the middle of service at the most inconvenient time. These contracts can also be paid for monthly to help with your cash flow.

To find out more about Sylvester Keal’s kitchen equipment maintenance services and to arrange a PPM plan, please contact 01472 352033 or email 

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