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21st century service with SK

Here at Sylvester Keal, we are proud to offer service and maintenance to our customers, with a dedicated service team on hand to assist with your every need and requirements.

Today however, many commercial kitchens are using more and more technology to help with the daily cooking schedules of caterers and chefs alike. 

Due to advanced equipment which can now be connected, touchscreen controls and applications which operate using the latest technological software, what does this mean for kitchens in terms of service and maintenance? How is SK tackling this challenge when the subject of technological equipment is something which is evolving before our very eyes?

Tackling the issue of servicing technological equipment

It is common knowledge that many commercial kitchen appliances now have a far stronger IT or software element implemented within them than they did in the past, with more technological advances in equipment being introduced into our everyday lives.

For kitchen service and maintenance businesses such as Sylvester Keal, we have an annual budget per year to invest with manufacturers to train our staff and ensure they are up-to-date with all the latest legislation. This includes the latest technology and software-driven applications on catering and foodservice equipment.

Our service engineers and sales team also receive regular training so that they are all well equipped to not only give our customers the best advice, but to also have the knowledge and expertise to carry out service repairs and maintenance.

Dealing with technological issues

Although the use of technological equipment can benefit the user hugely, it also raises the question of “what must engineers do when they are faced with issues such as faulty touchscreens, software updates or the reprogramming of appliances which are mainly IT driven?”

Engineers are now required to take on new skills and at Sylvester Keal, we have a young, dedicated team of engineers who embrace technology in its entirety. They understand and can relate to the issue of technological equipment living in a world which is now slowly using more technology within our everyday lives. Therefore, they are able to keep up with such a fast-moving IT technical environment.

The fact that SK also establishes and builds strong partnerships with our manufacturers also equips us to offer good quality advice, and we can always ask them for support should we need it.

The changing skill-sets of service companies

With the huge growth in connected appliances and commercial kitchens today, many service providers are changing their skill-sets. SK are certainly changing ours, although some businesses are reluctant to change. 

It is our job to discuss the benefits on offer to allow customers to embrace these changes and how they can innovate their business in the future, potentially saving energy and becoming more efficient.

Change takes time, however many of our customers are on board with Sylvester Keal and this is because they are confident in our help and advice, and we are able to back this up with the actions we take.

Connected kitchen challenges in the service and maintenance market

Transition can be tricky in an environment where we are being forced to change and move forward. However, technology is the way forward and it does take the person out of the scenario. Ultimately, people deal with people, and hopefully in the future, we hope there will be more of a rise in ‘multi-kitchens’ rather than fully connected kitchens!

To find out more about service and maintenance from Sylvester Keal, contact us on 01472 352033 where our team will be happy to discuss any questions you may have.

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