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12 days of Christmas

’Tasks and compliances

Whether it’s critical food safety compliance or checking off those odd jobs before the Christmas service begins. It’s important that you adhere to tasks, so your business runs with consistently high standards. 

Failing to tick off those odd jobs, may result in you forgetting about the little things in your business, ultimately leading to big mistakes and consequences. 

Inspect your catering equipment, regularly

At Sylvester Keal, our experience means in the catering equipment sector means we can provide a service plan tailored to both your kitchen and your budget from one-off services to a planned programme of regular maintenance visits, whilst keeping your costs to a minimum. 

There is nothing worse than equipment breakdown, especially before a busy period, like Christmas. By committing to regular maintenance you reduce the need for repair and ensure conformance to warranty conditions.

Sanitise frequently 

Cleaning and sanitising during operation is key, to prevent bacteria from getting into your prepared food items; this is particularly important when it comes to raw and ready-to-eat food. 

During the festive period, more food is prepared than usual to keep up with the demand, which is why it is more important than ever to make sure your kitchen is decontaminated. 

At Sylvester Keal we have the Envirosan, a high-strength sanitiser and cleaner made from organic materials, specially formulated to instantly kill all bacteria upon application with the surface, thoroughly cleaning all areas.

Tend to stainless steel 

When it comes to Christmas, everything has to be shiny and that includes your stainless steel surfaces. Achieve a sparkling shine in your commercial kitchen by using Glass & Stainless Steel Cleaner by Sylvester Keal.

Ideal for use on a range of materials and surfaces, including windows, mirrors, windscreens, VDUs, ceramic tiles, chrome, porcelain, laminates, showcases and exhibition stands, the Glass & Stainless Steel cleaner does it all.

Honour chemical instructions

In a catering environment, instructions must be adhered to, this is particularly important when it comes to catering equipment cleaning cycles. 

Instructions should be followed to avoid any unfortunate accidents or a machine breakage. Keep the machine handbook in a safe place for when you are committing to a cleaning cycle. 

Educate staff on the proper use of the equipment...

It is of major importance to have staff training on equipment. When training has not been done correctly, this can lead to kitchen accidents and/or catering equipment breakdowns and malfunctions. 

Often, more complex appliances are overlooked, underused or not used at all, due to a lack of staff training. There is a correlation between high staff training and low reactive maintenance costs which highlights this requirement to invest in staff training. During the festive period, it is to your advantage that your kitchen and your equipment is utilised to its full potential. 

Stocked up?

When you have chosen your festive menu, you need to make sure you have all the ingredients ordered for that menu to be a success. Once you’ve stocked up on the right products, see to it that they’re showcased properly.

But it’s not just the food supply that needs to be prepared, your janitorial products also need to be readily available. It can be hard to measure what supplies are needed per given period, as supply usage varies on a day to day basis but during the festive period, more of everything is needed! Having a backup of supplies ensures your business does not run out of essentials in-between the New Year shipment. 

Excellent cleaning products 

Keep your kitchen appliances and surfaces in tip-top shape with outstanding cleaning products from Sylvester Keal. We stock a range of our own-branded products including surface cleaners which are eco-friendly and can kill strains such as MRSA.

The 5A Universal Hard Surface Cleaner is a versatile product with multiple purposes. A general-purpose detergent that can be used in commercial kitchens and professional catering environments. It has degreasing properties that instantly removes dirt, grease and oil from hard surfaces efficiently and harmlessly, making it ideal for use on kitchen surfaces as well as on walls, floors, tiles, PVC and more.

A daily clean

A daily back of house clean is an essential part of a restaurant routine and should be adhered to. When a shift is over, it is the responsibility of the catering staff to ensure everything is ready for the next day of operation. All surfaces that have been in contact with food should be sanitised with fresh colour-coded cloths. 

The main catering equipment such as the ovens, grills, fryers should also receive a daily clean alongside the regularly used preparation items (chopping boards, utensils, blenders, and pans).

Staff communication

Communication is key for creating an organised operation especially during a busy month like December. When staff are clear on what their tasks at hand are, they know exactly what they need to be doing and what their duties are. 

Both the front and back of house staff also need to comply with company and hygiene policies. In the kitchen especially, staff must ensure that their hands are clean before preparing and handling food in the kitchen, especially if this is with raw food. Having poor hand hygiene can lead to cross-contamination. 

Sylvester Keal stock the 8A Bacti Hand Soap which is formulated for use in washroom areas and catering facilities. The odourless, translucent, natural soap gel incorporates a safe antiseptic to be used on the hands allowing cleanliness to be boosted in the facility. 

Oust out any broken or worn-out equipment parts

If your catering equipment has started making weird noises, looks worse for wear, or is losing its features, it’s likely that the appliance has now become unusable and should be disposed of accordingly. 

This is especially important if there are any safety concerns connected to the appliance, you definitely want to consider replacing it. If in doubt about its usability, contact a professional like Sylvester Keal for advice or any catering equipment maintenance. 

Never D.I.Y when it comes to mending catering equipment!

When catering equipment gets older or has been misused or overused it can become unserviceable, it can be easy to assume a quick fix, completed by yourself is the quickest, most inexpensive option. 

The purpose of DIY repair is to save money. So imagine if you end up causing further damage to the appliance and it ends up costing you more than an initial maintenance call out? You will have lost the money you spent on parts and waste a lot of your own time attempting a repair. 

Repairing a kitchen appliance could also be a lot more dangerous than you think. If you don’t have the right tools for the job you could end up putting yourself and your catering staff in danger.

For any information about supplies, equipment, cleaning and maintenance get in touch with one of our friendly sales staff, we’ll be more than happy to help, telephone 01472 352033.

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