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Medipal Patient Wipes (1x100)

Moisturised patient care wipes designed to gently cleanse the skin keeping it nourished, hydrated and healthy.

  • Soft and Refreshing
  • Contains Vitamin B5 and E
  • Cleans and moisturises
  • Free from Alcohol, Paraben and Lanolin and Latex.

Rinse Free Cleansing

Contains gentle skin friendly cleansing lotion.  Pre-moisturised wipe for fast and rinse free bed bathing. No need for soap, water or towels reduces the risk of spread of infection.

Moisturise and Nourish

Added moisturisers keep the skin soft and nourished, providing extra care to sensitive areas.

Vitamin E anti-oxidant properties, support skin healing and improve skin immunity.

Vitamin B5 hydrates and preserves the skins moisture keeping it healthy.

Gentle and Refreshing

Skin Friendly, gentle pH 5.5. Skin feels soft and refreshed, without being sticky after use.

Soft wipes for the full body cleansing, providing extra care to sensitive areas suitable from infant to elderly.

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