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Latex Gloves Powder Free (1x100)

Our disposable glove range has been developed to provide exceptional levels of comfort and includes gloves manufactured in nitrile, vinyl, vinyl/nitrile hybrid blend, latex and polyethylene. Gloves consist of both non-medical and medical grade options which are particularly suited to use in healthcare examination, dental and veterinary care.

Latex gloves

Latex provides an excellent protective barrier due to their durability and integrity while remaining comfortable to wear and easy to put on. Our range includes powder free and powdered latex, notable for their strength, soft comfort, and consistent grip. Gloves meet medical standards for pinholes.

Other Gloves In Our Range

Nitrile gloves

Nitrile is a great alternative for those that may be prone to skin irritation and allergic reactions. Nitrile gloves offer the same strong durability and superior level of protection as traditional latex gloves with increased tactile sensitivity, tear resistance, and a more comfortable fit. Our nitrile gloves are available in packs 100.

Vinyl gloves

Vinyl is made with a unique low-friction inner polymer coating for smooth donning and are tapered at the wrist to better fit your hand. Our vinyl gloves feature beaded cuffs for extra strength and tear resistance.

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