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Gel Urinal Screens (1x10)

Anti Splash Gel Urinal Screens

A new anti-splash and fragranced gel urinal screen, alternative option for traditional urinal blocks, that eliminate unpleasant odours for approximately 30-days. Made from an antibacterial and biodegradable material, it is flexible enough to fit different urinals while releasing enzymes to clean the urinals and drains. VOCs, PAHs and REACH compliant. Available in two fragrances, apple and cinnamon, and citrus.

• Designed to prevent splash backs

• Eliminates unpleasant odours for approximately 30 days

•  Made from an antibacterial material

•  VOCs, PAHs and REACH compliant

• Two fragrances available - apple & cinnamon and citrus

 16.5 x 16.5cm pack size 1 x 10

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