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8C Alcohol Hand Sanitiser (2x5Ltrs)

Sanitiser is extremely effective at preventing the spread of infections and bacteria. Having hand sanitiser around your establishment is one way of shielding yourself and your staff from infection. This is even more vital for those in the foodservice industry, where the potential to infect people is much higher.

Our 8C Alcohol Hand Sanitiser certificated to prove it kills Coronavirus, is an alcohol-based terminal hand disinfectant for use within the food and catering industries. It is highly effective against resident and transient skin microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and viruses including Coronavirus. After application, the sanitiser evaporates leaving the skin dry and feeling soft. 

 8C Alcohol Hand Sanitiser is extremely cost-effective and can be used with our SK Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Dispenser and is available in 2x5ltr bottles.

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